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If you like Roman history, Roman culture, then you certainly know who were the gladiators, what was arena for, who was slaves and so on… If you are not familiar with the story, Gladiators were slaves that in order to get their freedom had to become the best warriors and defeat all the other gladiators in the arena, arena is the place where you fight to death with other gladiator. In these games, your task will be the same, in order to earned your freedom you will have to win in every arena fight and kill your opponents to eventually become a champion of the arena and get your deserved freedom. This game is absolutely free and safe to play, you can play them whenever you want and from any place. If you like fighting, arenas and gladiators as well as swords, axes, armor and other Roman weapons then you will enjoy this challenging and exciting Swords and sandals games.

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How to play

All Swords and sandals games you play using your computer mouse. At the beginning of each game before you start a fight you need to create your gladiator to your liking by choosing the skin color, height, weight, and after that you will choose which skills you want to charge your gladiator using skill points that you will receive after each fight in arena and coins after which you can buy various types of swords, axes, shields and much more other weapons and shields that will make your gladiator stronger, better and more deadly for your opponents in the arena. Every Swords and Sandals game is a turn-based game and that means that you can make one move after every round meaning that you must choose wisely in order to pre-empt your opponent. The aim of the game is to kill all gladiators with whom you find yourself in the arena and earn your freedom.


Excellent turn-based game where you through a very exciting and fun game you can learn who were the gladiators and how they gained their freedom. If you are a fan of fighting with medieval weapons such as swords, shields, axes and more, then this game will delight you, because using that weapons you will have the opportunity to find yourself in the arena with a real gladiators and thereby test your gladiator skills and try to kill your opponent in real Roman atmosphere when it comes to fighting gladiators in the arena. Try every part of this challenging and exciting Swords and Sandals game and help your gladiator to earn his freedom through the fight!